Easter Basket Ideas to Avoid Top 10 Food Allergens

       Easter basket ideas with food allergies  

Finding Easter basket ideas for kids with multiple food allergies can be challenging, but there are still plenty of fun and creative options. Allergy safe packaged treats like Allergy Smart cookies are top 10 allergen free and come in individual 2 cookie packs which make them a perfect addition to any Easter basket, but there are lots more great ideas! We've put together some Easter basket ideas for kids allergic to dairy, eggs, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy. 

Easter Basket Ideas to Avoid Top 10 Food Allergens

Non-Food Treats:

  • Fill the Easter basket with non-food items like stickers, temporary tattoos, small toys, puzzles, art supplies, bubbles, books, or coloring books. These items are a great alternative to candy and are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

    Vegan Chocolate:

    • If your child is allergic to dairy and eggs, consider filling their Easter basket with vegan chocolate. Look for chocolate that is specifically labeled as vegan and free from other allergens like tree nuts, peanuts, and soy. Some brands that offer vegan and allergen-free chocolates include Enjoy Life Foods, Pascha Chocolate, and No Whey Chocolate.

      Homemade Treats:

      • Make homemade treats that are free from common allergens. Some allergy-friendly Easter treats to make include rice crispy treats using gluten-free rice cereal and dairy-free marshmallows, homemade popcorn trail mix with dried fruit and seeds, or allergy-friendly muffins.

        Fruit Snacks:

        • Fill the Easter basket with individual packages of fruit snacks that are free from allergens. Look for fruit snacks that are labeled as gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from other allergens.

          Bath and Body Products:

          • Fill the Easter basket with fun and safe bath and body products like bubble bath, bath bombs, and scented lotions. Look for products that are labeled as allergen-free, or make your own using natural ingredients like essential oils.

          Outdoor Fun &  Games:

          • Spring is springing everywhere which makes Easter the perfect time to buy kids new skipping ropes, new sidewalk chalk, a new ball, a frisbee, a kite  . . .lots of ideas to encourage outdoor activities. 

            Remember to always read labels and be aware of potential cross-contamination when choosing Easter basket items for kids with food allergies. By getting creative and thinking outside the box (or just outside!!), you can create a fun and safe Easter basket for your kids that they will love.

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