Back to School Allergy Smart Checklist

Back to School with Food Allergies

Your #BeAllergySmart Back to School Food Allergy Checklist

We love back to school!! Routines, friends, activities, playdates and school trips!!  All so fun and exciting for your kids and super stressful for parents when your child has food allergies. Back to school is an exciting time but precautions do need to be taken to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Tips and reminders to #BeAllergySmart when planning for back to school.

#BeAllergySmart For Parents

  •   Review the policies on allergy management that your school and your school board have in place.
  •   Fill out all necessary school paperwork for allergies and ensure you add all required information for your child, especially if it is missing from their forms.
  •   Talk to school administrators about your child's allergy and review your anaphylaxis emergency procedures with all staff including the teachers, volunteers, custodial staff who will be around your child.
  •   Inquire about any training sessions for school staff and ask if you can be involved.
  •   Provide the school with at least one up-to-date epinephrine auto-injector and ensure your child has one with them at all times.
  •   Have staff and students practice with a training device you can get one for free at or
  •   Supply your child’s teacher with allergy safe snacks in case of last minute classroom celebrations.
  •   Create a positive relationship with staff.
  •   Consult with foodservice/cafeteria staff to inquire about food preparation at school.

#BeAllergySmart for Children

  •   Educate classmates, friends, peers on their food allergy
  •   Tell parents and teachers if they experience any exclusion at school due to their food allergy.
  •   Learn about the basic safety rules around managing their food allergy at school.
  •   Know the steps of the emergency plan (depending on their age/maturity level) in case of a reaction.


Any tips to add as you send off your kids to school this September?

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